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Q Review FAQ

How can I view my test history and rationales?
To view your past tests:
1) log into the Hurst website
2) click the the 'Q Review' tab
3) click 'Next' at the bottom of this tab to go to the Q Review site
4) on the Q Review site, click 'My Account' 
5) towards the bottom of this page there is a link that says 'Display my history including test results (if available)
6) Clicking this link will show you a list of all the tests you have taken. You can click on each one to view the questions, answers and rationales.
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What score do I need on the Q review to pass?

Our recent study of pass rates revealed that the Enhanced Live Review students who were successful on the NCLEX®RN exam achieved a median score of 84 out of 125 on the Q Review.

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Can I buy only the Q Review or more attempts?

No -  The exam application is to be used following our content review and students only have access to 6 attempts.

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When can I access the Q Review and begin and exam?

Q Review is available from your Hurst account after the Live Review is completed or when you buy an online review.  Students have access for one year from your review start date or one year from your graduation date, whichever is longer.

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Can I pause the Q Review exam and return to complete later?

Yes!  Each Q Review launch has a time limit of 180 minutes.  If you would like to pause the exam and return later, you can.

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Can I download the Q Review?

No - the Q Review app runs from our server and the exam is launched in a pop-up window.  Students must turn off browser or other pop-up blocker to view the exam.  

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