Hurst Review Services Pass the NCLEX® exam the first time. Guaranteed.*

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With Hurst NCLEX® Review Courses, you get the best of both worlds - Our proven critical thinking and application core content review PLUS our NCLEX® question practice and analysis review so you can pass the NCLEX® the first time and be a better nurse!
We understand this is a hectic time in your life and career, so we offer convenient options to prepare for the NCLEX® with our proven, organized and integrated NCLEX® review courses. 

Live Review

  • 3-day Review (usually 8am - 4:30pm, with an hour break for lunch) followed by two weeks access to online lectures.  Student decides when to begin this access followng their live review.
  • Student Book provided at location
  • Pay once and attend as many live reviews as you like within one year of your graduation date.
  • Payment plans are available - Register with as little as $50. Visa, MC, Am Exp & Discover accepted

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Online Review

  • All lectures and notes provided online via streaming video
  • 90-Day unlimited access
  • Work at your own pace
  • Personal nursing support if needed

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Classroom Video

  • ONLY available through scheduled hospitals and schools of nursing.
  • All lectures administered by in classroom setting via streaming video
  • For groups of four or more

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