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I took your Hurst review October 19-22 in Springfield, Mo. I am so glad I broke away from my group
and took  the review, as a result I passed my boards the first time.  I truely feel your teaching and views of
critically thinking helped me rationalize each question better, as you know it always came down to two very good answers!
Thank you for your help and taking the extra time with me.

Gloria Gogets, RN

Thank you all so much for all your help. This review course was perfect. I've been hearing how the more questions you do then the better off you'll be. What finally clicked in my head was the more "content" I know then the more it'll help to answer those critically thinking questions. Hurst really does gives you all the tools you need to pass. Honestly I don't see how anyone can not pass NCLEX if they take this review course. I felt confident before and after my NCLEX shut off at 75 questions, and I felt even better 2 days later when I seen that I had passed. I will be highly recommending Hurst Review to all others. Thanks!

Gus Aleman, RN

Thanks SOOOO much for everything! I took boards on tuesday and just found out this morning i passed!! :) I took the kaplan once i was done with boards and that didn't help at all because i failed twice! THis is the BEST review course ever!! Thanks!!!


Jeanna Smith, Watertown, SD

I would like to sincerely thank all of you for putting together a review that works! I passed my NCLEX on my first take inspite of all my issues (international student, just moved into the country, 4 kids, family issues) !!! I am SOO glad i found you guys. International students ( I am from the Philippines) usually know of Kaplan and I did that but, unfortunately it did not work for me. I am a good learner but was a nervous wreck as to how to organize my brain. YOU GUYS DID THAT FOR ME! I reviewed with you for 3 weeks online and I absorbed your lecture like a sponge would absorb water. You guys are concise, precise, FUNNY and everyone echoed each other which made the information flow easily together. I want to say so many more good things but what I'll do is just recommend Hurst to my friends and colleagues! They won't have anything to worry about!!!  THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS!!!

Amabelle Cariaso, USRN!!!

I would like to sincerely thank all of those who make the Hurst Review possible.  Without a doubt, Hurst Review is in the business of making the NCLEX a more than doable/passable exam.  The lectures provided the right amount of content material, period.  I really had no idea how “prepared” I was until I sat down took my boards.  Relatively nothing came from left field in terms of question content.  I understand NCLEX type question more so now than I ever did in nursing school; and, to be honest, I would have benefited from this review while in nursing school.  Hurst takes questions apart and teaches you what to look for and how to critically approach each and every level of questioning.  There are definitely patterns in these questions with answer distractors, etc.  The NCLEX does not have to be hard.  Put every nursing school and HESI exam behind you.  Just put in the time and success will be yours.
In short, Hurst Review provided a service and delivered.  This is a legitimate review course that more exceeded my expectations and I recommend this review to anyone taking the NCLEX.

Jeremy Vance, RN

Hurst Review is the real deal and well worth the investment! I took the live review to help me in High Acuity and took the online review right before NCLEX. I just found out I passed the 1st time in 75 questions!

Amanda Smith-Gaspar, RN

I graduated from a LPN course in 1981. I have practiced nursing the entire time since my graduation. Finally, at age 48, I returned to school for my BSN degree. I was fearing the State Boards for the typical reason of "knowing how it goes in the real world...versus..what the book says." I was thrilled to have enrolled in your study review online course. I did EXACTLY what I was told to do in the introduction. I devoted my entire time to the lectures, reviews, and tests. I followed each of the 5 days..then reviewed everything one final time, took a couple days off, and then took my NCLEX exam. I entered the building with confidence, signed in, scanned my palm, received instruction, sat down for the exam, completed 75 questions, scanned my hand, and exited the facility in 40 minutes flat!! And...the most important part...I PASSED!!!

I loved how your site was so easily navigated. You are to be commended on your style of lectures, and the true sincerity of helping nurses pass the NCLEX. Other sites have similar information, but you are genuine in helping others to succeed. I could tell this just isn't a "business" for you.

So, many thanks to you! Without you, and your site, I probably would not have been as confident, or passed as easily as I did.

God Bless You!!!

Dena Swanson
Glendale, AZ

I completed the online Hurst review and found it to be very informative and helpful. The Hurst review helps bring together everything you learned in nursing school and reinforces the hot topics. Just like Marlene says if you know the information she reviews without a doubt or hesitation you will not fail, and I 100% believe this. It is amazing how perfectly condensed the information is, nothing important was left out. Marlene also gives the best test taking tips, that served me well when taking NCLEX. I would highly recommend the Hurst review! I passed NCLEX with 75 questions!

A. Wilson, RN

Just wanted to drop you a quick note to say "thanks!" I graduated from a two year associate nursing program. I took the NCLEX twice and failed. I was a bit taken aback, to say the least. I've worked as an EMT for 3 years and have seen and done a lot during that time. I was at a loss. I ponied up some cash, signed up for the Hurst Review online, and spent the next several weeks watching the videos, and filling out my workbook. I took the Q Review tests several times, and I read through the information in the Hurst Review Test-Taking Strategies book. I took the NCLEX for the third time two days ago, and found out this morning that I passed!
The information presented in the Hurst Review is extremely well put together, and every section ties in neatly with the things you've learned in earlier sections. I was able to go into the testing center, and confidently choose answers for almost every question presented. I would (and will) recommend Hurst Review to any and everyone I know who is preparing for the NCLEX. Thanks again, and keep doing what you're doing. It obviously works!

Jackson R.

I would like to thank the hurst family for the support they provided while reviewing for the NCLEX-RN exam. I took the exam last July 23 and passed the exam.Actually, the computer just stopped at number 75. The review gave me the confidence to answer all the questions.I would highly recommend Hurst Review coz it made the review as easy as answering the WHY's of every questions. I didn't have to memorize all the stuff. With the new QREVIEW question bank, answering all the questions and understanding the rationale is a big help for building confidence in answering the NCLEX-RN exam. More power to all the staff, the preceptors and to Ms. Marlene. I know you can help others to pass the exam. May God be with you all.

gilda-west palm beach,FL

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  • Denise Toner
    I just wanted to say thank you so much to hurst review. I just got my results for nclex pn and I passed!! I honestly don't think I would have passed without hurst. They put the core content in a simplistic way that I could understand. I was not an A student in school, but I wanted this so bad. So thank you hurst for helping me become an LPN!!!
  • Tiffany Wilson
    Hurst review is the BEST review in the nation!!! Every nursing school should have this review. After trying so many different reviews and failing twice i finally decided to purchase Hurst and i got every penny worth! On April 9th 2014 after 75 questions i passed and it was ALL because of this review. THANK you Aunt Marlene and staff you guys are AWESOME!!!
  • Olga Wigginton
    Good Morning, Aunt Marlene! Here is another HAPPY BABY of yours that passed her NCLEX-RN EXAM - in 75 questions - knowing- ALL -of the answers- to all 75 Question -without any doubt- and hesitation!!! Just got my result!!! Sat for Boards on Saturday, little over than 1 hour, knew all answers - only because of HURST review!!! My story : I am internationally trained nurse, been awhile since I graduated and I am a perfectionist by nature so for NCLEX I got all sources that are available on the market - you name it - I have them all.. I narrowed all sources to Hurst review, and I am so lucky I did that. Without spreading myself thin, I got to review what really matters and I am so full of gratitude. Aunt Marlene you and your team are THE BEST!!! THANKS A LOT!!
  • Heidi Pichotta McLain
    Passed NCLEX on my first try....3 years after graduation! I had to bone up on ALL my nursing knowledge...and Hurst delivered. Thank you sooooo much Hurst Review!
  • Maria Cantu
    I took the Hurst Review and passed my nclex RN . I would like to say this review is better than the Kaplan one.
  • LaCrisha Hall
    Let me just say Aunt Marlene and her staff are awesome!! I took the live review and got 2 weeks of the online review with it. I have also had the Kaplan course. Hurst is waaay better hands down. They have a way of making everything click. Even the concepts you couldn't quite understand before, all make sense after this class. Passed the RN NCLEX on the 1st try with 75 questions!! My friend that took it with me passed the first time with 90 questions!!
  • Meghan Gurganus
    My school used Hurst Review to get us ready for our Exit exams as well as boards. The woman who came (Janine) kept the 3 days flowing at a steady understandable pace, was friendly, and willing to answer any questions. After school, all I did to prepare for boards was log into the Hurst website and do practice quizzes and watch review video's... I passed my NCLEX-PN on my first attempt... I highly recommend this review for anyone in nursing school
  • Jared Wigg
    Thank you HURST Review!! I spent the last 5 months in agonizing study for the NCLEX after graduation - I thought I was going to pass the first time after Kaplan Review but I failed two times in a row. In humility I found Hurst online and began with a fresh start. 4 weeks later I became an RN with 75 questions! Thank you Marlene and all the awesome instructors who know how to CONSOLIDATE information and ENCOURAGE student nurses!
  • Meresa May
    I took NCLEX a few months ago and was unsuccessful. My school recommended using Kaplan which I actually did not enjoy. I didn't know about Hurst until a friend from another school ranted and raved about how amazing it was. So, I decided Hurst was going to be for me. I enjoyed the videos so much I watched them twice, some of them three times while also studying the 5th day materials over a 2 month period. I saved all 6 tests for the 2 weeks prior to my NCLEX date and scored in the high 80s-90s on all of them. I took NCLEX on October 28th. After 3 1/2 hours and 147 questions I found out on October 30th I was officially Meresa, RN!! Thank you HURST Review I seriously couldn't of passed NCLEX without all of the core content knowledge that was given to me throughout the review. It was an amazing review and I will continue to recommend it to anyone who asks me how i passed NCLEX!!
  • Amber Robbins Kilburn
    Im not the type to post to on a facebook page, but for Hurst, Im making the exception. I have to say that I am SO thankful for the online review from $300 I ever spent. In a four year bachelor program, you take the classes where you learn your core content anywhere from a year and half to two years before you take boards, giving you plenty of time to forget the things that you have studied. The lectures from Hurst helped refresh my memory and in some cases, even taught me things I hadn't completely understood when I learned it the first time. Because of this course, I was able to walk in and out of NCLEX in 55 minutes, finishing in 76 questions and PASSED. Thank you, Hurst Review for helping me reach my goal of becoming a registered nurse! I am recommending you to all of my friends! Keep up the good work!
  • Jesse Wyels
    Dear Hurst, I graduated nursing school in 2004. I took the boards three times that first year and failed, and gave up on nursing for 7 years. Two years ago I decided to start studying again for the boards. I bought Kaplan and did everything they said to do and failed, twice. I then got a private tutor and attempted two more times. A friend at work told me about Hurst Review. I thought what the heck I have nothing to lose at this point. After the review and doing exactly what the review said to do, I passed my boards. Not only did I pass but I became a knowledgable nurse, learning more in 3 weeks than I did in school. I just wanted to thank you for saving my life. This program is genius, and if you ever need a new employee in the Pittsburgh area please let me know!

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