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Marlene's Bio

Marlene Hurst received a Master of Science in Nursing in 1988 from the Mississippi University for Women and started Hurst Review Services that very same year. Marlene is an Adult and Family Nurse Practitioner-RC, a certified Critical Care Nurse, and an Advanced Cardiac Life Support Instructor.

Few people are as qualified to give instruction in the field of nursing as Marlene. She has worked as a Critical Care Staff and Charge Nurse, Emergency Department Clinical Nurse Specialist, and Nurse Practitioner. She also has had vast experience in nursing as an Associate Degree Nursing Instructor and Director, Course Coordinator, and Assistant Professor of Nursing in a Baccalaureate program. Marlene has also been a Nursing Consultant and an Expert Nursing Witness in the judicial system. Under Marlene’s guidance, the local community college program where she served as instructor and director achieved a 100% pass rate on the NCLEX® State Board exam.

While teaching at various schools of nursing, Marlene Hurst noted the abundance of workshops and prep courses for the graduate nurse and the lack of these opportunities for the student nurse. As an instructor, Marlene became aware that many students needed extra help while still in school. This is how Hurst Review Services got its start.

The atmosphere in our classes is fun, energetic, and thought-provoking. Many students have commented on how relaxed the classes are and how comfortable they felt asking questions or contributing to the dialogue. Each seminar is concluded with a comprehensive review of test questions to ensure that students can apply what they have learned.

When she is not traveling the country to conduct seminars, Marlene maintains an edge by researching the latest advances, developing and writing new lecture material, and teaching in a clinical environment.

Marlene’s enthusiasm for her subject and her students is evident, whether you hear her speak in person or online. Her goal is to cut study time by explaining difficult nursing content in a way that every student can follow and understand.