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Did you know Hurst has a 98% first-attempt pass rate?

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  • 30-Day Online Access
  • 1000+
    NCLEX® Questions (PN)
  • 30%
    Alternate-Format Questions
  • 2 Modes
    Flashcard Or Quiz
  • Content-Rich Rationales For
    Right and Wrong Answers
  • Testing Strategies

Hurst Qbank

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Hurst Qbank

  • 30-Day Online Access
  • 1000+ NCLEX® Questions
  • 30% Alternate Format Questions
  • 2 Modes Flashcard or Quiz
  • Content-Rich Rationales
$99 USD


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Did you know Hurst has a 98% first-attempt pass rate?

Hurst Review Testimonials

Jenny Ear, RN

“I had tested on 01/7/20 and passed with 75 questions on my first attempt. I highly recommend everything about the Hurst product. I personally used Hurst Now and I enjoyed watching the videos along with filling out the student handbook. The assessments that were provided to determine readiness was very helpful as well. Thank you!”

Melissa Kisamore-Boos, RN

“I passed the NCLEX on my first try in 88 questions! I graduated my BSN program Dec. 13th The practice Qbank questions and the readiness exam from Hurst were the only practice questions I used. I used the Qbank questions ALOT. They were so much better then all the other practice question software I had available to me from nursing school and that I had bought. I am so thankful I used Hurst for my NCLEX review. Hurst offers so much study material it is all very helpful.”

Haley Frederick, RN

“Just took the Hurst Nstream review and it was so helpful! I learned so much and everything was made so simple so I understood everything easily. I just passed my NCLEX yesterday in 75 questions and couldn’t have done it without Hurst!!!!!”

Kayla Adams, RN

“I just wanted to sing you guys’ praises! I just completed my NCLEX Thursday January 18, 2018 after completing my review in Macon, GA with instructor Anna Collado. I passed in 75 questions! Hurst was amazing at preparing me for that final step to complete my nursing school journey. It gave me the confidence to walk into the testing center confidently and walk out feeling like a champion afterwards! So thank you to everyone involved in Hurst Review Services! It is truly an amazing program.”