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How to Get Organized in Nursing School?

Hurst Review Nursing School Organization Tips 2021 

As a nursing student, you need to get organized to Succeed in Nursing School. What?! That is a crazy concept, right?!

Well, lucky for you, we will help you get started with super easy, digestible tips!

With so many planner options today, including various digital options, YOU can do this!

Getting Started

Create a list of the important events in your personal life along with the requirements you must fulfill for school.

Then, triage your list by assigning each event a level of urgency.

Number each event, with one being most important.

Next, transfer the data to your calendar or planner!

Place the high priority events on your calendar first and plug the remaining events where you have available.

Extra tips!

Give yourself grace!

Do not fret over missing a lunch date with your first cousin. If you have difficulty triaging your list initially, look at each item and ask yourself, will my presence at this event matter in 5 months or 5 years? Does this event or occasion positively contribute to my life goals?

Saying no to social engagements that do not positively contribute to your personal goals is A-Okay!

Make sure every YES is YOUR BEST YES!

Include self-care in your schedule.

YOUR health and well-being should be the highest-ranking priority on YOUR list!

Plugin daily study time. Now, do not let this time be wasted. Commit to your daily study time just as you commit to a Netflix series! Yes, we know you!

DO NOT plug in a 4-hour study slot because you know good and well you will not sit and study for 4 hours. Think about it. Is a 4-hour study session realistic? NO!

You will get overwhelmed and before you know it, you will be scrolling FB and IG!         

We at Hurst Review want you to be successful! Happy organizing…