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Top 5 Benefits of Hurst Total PASS for Nursing Programs

As the Next Generation NCLEX® (NGN®) looms, nursing schools are working diligently to find ways to prepare their programs and students for success on the exam.

We created Hurst Total PASS based on feedback from students, faculty and program directors about what they most needed to prepare for the NGN®. Hurst Total PASS provides a preeminent suite of NGN® mastery that can be integrated into any curriculum to ensure students will pass the exam the first time.

Hurst Total PASS is the best pathway to NGN® success, combining our proven Hurst review and Elevate programs with our new Hurst Next NGN® product. The institutional benefits of this package go far beyond the NGN®. Here are the top five ways Hurst Total PASS adds value for partner schools nationwide.

1.Take pressure off your teachers.

With the new Next Generation NCLEX®, educators have the added responsibility of learning how to write new item types and case studies to match the exam question formats. Hurst Total PASS removes that burden from your faculty’s shoulders by providing a pathway to success with NGN® case studies and practice questions that are just like the new exam. And better yet, Hurst Total PASS was designed to reinforce learnings from any curriculum and enhance clinical judgment skills, allowing teachers to use the materials in Hurst Next in the classroom or clinical to complement the work they are already putting in to prepare students.


2.Improve your first-attempt pass rate.

Schools partner with Hurst to ensure that their pass rates are high. Our reviews have a first-attempt pass rate of 98 percent — the highest proven success rate of any NCLEX® provider. Additionally, a three-year study at Stephen F. Austin State University found that Elevate, our companion program for RN students, increased the first-time pass rate by more than 10 points. We have channeled all of our expertise into creating Hurst Total PASS, a product we’re confident will have similar results on your NGN® pass rate.

3.Increase standardized exit exam scores.

The Stephen F. Austin State University also reported that standardized exit exam scores increased by 63.83 points after incorporating Elevate into their capstone courses. If Elevate along with Hurst Review can deliver these results, the possibilities of what Hurst Total PASS can do for your program’s scores are virtually limitless. Hurst Total PASS incorporates the clinical judgment process and must-know core content throughout all the products so students are confident when taking their exam, resulting in impressive outcomes for your institution.

4.Easily monitor student performance.

Hurst Total PASS includes a free dashboard that makes it simple and convenient for educators to monitor student performance and identify at-risk students that may benefit from additional support. We go the extra mile by backing our review options with a money-back guarantee for first-time test takers. If students complete the review in its entirety and don’t pass on the NCLEX® first try, we offer them free remediation. Like you, we want to do everything we can to ensure their success.

5.Boost student retention rates.

In 2020, nearly one in three nursing students dropped out before graduation, according to Nursing Standard. This rate is troubling for schools and healthcare organizations alike, contributing to a widespread nursing shortage. Research studies identify early interventions and strong study habits as two critical factors for improving retention — both of which Hurst Total PASS supports by providing learning tools and study processes that students can use as early as the first semester.

Together, we can prepare students for success on the Next Generation NCLEX® in 2023 by beginning NOW together. Discover how Hurst Total PASS fits into your program by contacting your enterprise account executive.