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Our Review Process

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  • Yes, this can be done either by the student, through a faculty dashboard, or both. Students can print or email a certificate verifying the progress of video completion at any time after their review. This will allow the faculty to track student progression through the program. The Hurst testing system will also generate a certificate that shows how the student scored on each Readiness exam and Qbank quiz. These certificates may be printed or emailed by the student for faculty to view and print.

    If faculty want to monitor students’ progression themselves, Hurst Review can set up a faculty dashboard specific to the students in the nursing school program. If you would like more information about this special option, ask your regional director at any time for access.

  • Hurst Review is the final step of a three-tiered approach to a nurse’s preparation for the NCLEX®:

                                                1. Classroom

                                                2. Clinical

                                                3. NCLEX® Review

    The first tier is the nursing school classroom. Students learn from their instructors and realize that, when they are in nursing school, they have to make their teachers happy.

    The second tier is the hospital or clinical setting. Here, students experience the real nursing world, and they learn that, when they are at the hospital, they have to make the nurses or their preceptor happy.

    The third tier is, Hurst’s expertise, the NCLEX® review. Hurst teaches nursing students to make the "NCLEX® Lady" happy.

    • Upon graduation, student nurses must transition from education to safe practice.
    • It is a hard time for them, because they don’t know what they know and what they don’t know.
    • They don’t know if they are studying the right things or practicing the right number of questions.
    • Hurst Review fills this gap by giving them a nice, neat, organized approach to preparing for the NCLEX® and helps them transition from the student nurse to the safe practicing nurse.
    • We use critical thinking exercises to demonstrate to students how to think like a brand new nurse, because we know that it is hard to give up that student nurse mindset. With this third tier, we tell students that now they have to make the "NCLEX® Lady" happy.
  • We recommend that students take Hurst Review as they enter the last semester of school or upon graduation. Students should have been exposed to all medical–surgical courses before taking the review.