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General FAQ

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  • How does Hurst Review differ from other NCLEX® prep tools?

    Hurst Review takes a three-step approach to NCLEX® review that includes the best of all worlds. We know that the first step of NCLEX® preparation is mastery of "must know" core content and a development of critical thinking and application skills. We also provide practice questions for students to utilize as they study. Step two requires the incorporation of NCLEX®-specific testing strategies to facilitate critical thinking skills for the entry level nurse.The final step is to take NCLEX®-style practice exams called Simulators. Our proven method teaches students to answer questions the NCLEX® way after they have learned the content. Our testing strategies are specific to the NCLEX® and are not appropriate for the GRE®, LSAT®, or MCAT®. Hurst Review’s exclusive focus is preparing nursing graduates to pass the NCLEX® exam the first time; it’s what we do 24/7.

  • How does Hurst Review keep up with all the changes with the NCLEX®?
    • Hurst attends all NCLEX® invitational conventions and meetings.
    • Hurst stays abreast of any life-threatening protocol changes published by CDC, AHA, Joint Commission, etc. 
    • Programs are updated yearly to ensure students and faculty are fully informed. 
  • How does the Hurst NCLEX® Review work?
    • We take what students know and help them to integrate and apply this knowledge the NCLEX® way – critical thinking and application.
    • We guide students to understand core content with no doubts or hesitations. Confidence decreases test anxiety.
    • We teach the review from an integrated style using multi-logical thinking strategies.
    • We help students understand the NCLEX® mindset and NCLEX®-specific testing strategies through critical thinking exercises and NCLEX®-style questions.


  • What is your privacy policy?

    Hurst Review Services respects your privacy and is committed to protecting it.  Your personal information will only be used to support your relationship with our company and as you allow.  We will not sell, rent, or lease your personal information.

  • When should students take the Hurst Review?

    We recommend that students take Hurst Review as they enter the last semester of school or upon graduation. Students should have been exposed to all of their medical–surgical courses before taking the review. 

  • Why do students need to take the Hurst Review?

    Our goal is not only to help students pass the first time, but also to help students become competent and safe nurses. Hurst provides a comprehensive, step-by-step approach to the NCLEX® with our “Critical Thinking and Application NCLEX® Review.” We fill the gap between graduation and NCLEX® testing by transitioning the student from education to practice.

    We take a step-by-step approach:  1) Core content (incorporating critical thinking and application skills)  2) NCLEX® testing strategies (We teach NCLEX®-specific testing strategies, not strategies that are universal for the MCAT®, LSAT®, or GRE®) 3) NCLEX®-style practice exams (4 exams with 125 items each, plus additional practice questions).  We focus on the students’ understanding of the “why” in relation to causes, signs, and symptoms.  We use multiple teaching strategies with direct interaction to enhance student learning and engage the learner.

Hurst Review was absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed the way the content was condensed and simplified in order for me to master the key points needed to pass the NCLEX. The Q reviews were helpful, NCLEX style questions. I'm happy to say that I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions with help from this review. Highly recommend!

J. Carraway, RN

I took this review and passed my NCLEX first try, in 75 questions! Such an excellent review service. I understood concepts that I struggled with all through nursing school! So thankful HURST review. To future NCLEX takers, I really encourage you to get this review package! Couldn't ask for anything better.

S. Elizabeth, RN

Took the live review! Instructor was amazing and the course resources and content beyond it were so helpful. Passed the nclex the first time with 75 questions! Thanks aunty Marlene!

S. Thoms, RN

I recently wrote the NCLEX exam in Canada. I passed on the first try with 128 questions! Thanks to your comprehensive review, I gained the confidence in what I already knew. I wouldn't have passed the exam without Hurst Review :)

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