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Live Review FAQ

  • Hurst requires a minimum $50 non-refundable deposit to reserve a seat for any live or N-Stream review.  If you register and then cannot attend, the deposit can be applied to any other review event registration.  Any amount paid over the $50 registration is completely refundable.

  • Access to the Resource Documents and the Qbank/Customizer (1,500 practice questions for RNs/ 1,000 questions for PNs) begins on the day you register with a $50 deposit. The Readiness/Simulator (4 practice exams for RNs and PNs) access begins on the last day of your Live or N-Stream review. Hurst Now students receive the Qbank/Customizer and the Readiness/Simulator exam access as soon as your account opens. You may access these materials for the life of your Hurst account.

  • Your two-week access to the Core Content lectures online begins on the date you choose. After you complete your live review, log into your online account and you will see a notification bar at the top of your home page listing your pending access. Click the "activate it" tab. You will be asked if you wish to begin.  If you choose to start, you will have 14 days of uninterrupted access.  This option expires 9 months (6 months for our PN Review) from the end of your first live review.  This access includes Qbank/Customizer and Readiness/Simulator exams, Specialty Area Lectures, and Resource Materials with Pharmacology, Infection Control and more. 

  • Students are encouraged to contact our customer service support at 601-833-1961 if they need additional time with the review materials. We have several discounted options to help students needing more time to study, whether it be related to a delayed test date or even if unsuccessful on their first attempt with NCLEX. Hurst review always wants to help with student success so let us know if you need more assistance. We will be glad to help!

  • Hurst Review students may view and print a course progress/completion certificate.  Sign in to the Hurst account, then from the Welcome Page, choose "Progress Report." At the top of the page, you will see the "Course Progress" link with the word "print." You will be prompted to print your certificate of completion. Readiness/Simulator exam completion certificates can be printed at the completion of each exam. Scroll to the bottom of the Q Review page, and a "Previously Taken Attempts" section is available.

  • Easy!  All we need are 25 students to conduct a live review for your class.  Email us at for more information.

  • Pay in full now or see our payment plan details.

  • Hurst students can purchase a review supplement for $59 that will provide an additional 30-day access to the online core content lectures.  Students have this option available for purchase on the "my account" page.  A limit of 6 supplements is allowed during the life of the account.

  • We will transfer your payment to another review of your choice or refund all but your $50 non-refundable deposit.

  • Traditional RN nursing graduates who graduated in December of 2017 and chose the Hurst Review Services live, online or classroom video review package for their preparation had over a 98.96% chance of passing their exam the first time. Traditional PN nursing graduates who graduated in December of 2017 and chose the Hurst Review Services live, online or classroom video review package for their preparation had over a 99.17% chance of passing their exam the first time.

  • Generally, 8am - 4:30pm for the Live classroom review and 9am - 4:30pm for N-Stream reviews. Check the full details of the Hurst Live review you want to attend. If it is a N-Stream review, this typically is 9am - 4:30pm Central Time zone; however, these times may also be adjusted so check the details of the review when you register.

  • Please bring your registration receipt and a photo ID. It is also a good idea to bring a sweater/jacket for comfort and a snack if desired for break.  We break for an hour around noon for lunch.  We do not provide lunch or drinks.

  • The Live review and the N-Stream review are essentially the same. The only difference is with N-Stream, the student can participate from the convenience of their own home or classroom (if appropriate). All that is required is a laptop and good internet service/accessibility.