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Online Review FAQ

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  • Can I download the online review videos?

    We do not allow the online review lectures to be downloaded.  Instead, they stream as you watch on the Internet. 

  • Can I print the lecture notes?

    As of November 19, 2018, we no longer offer workbook downloads for new Hurst Now purchases. Instead, new Hurst Now purchases included a printed workbook that will be shipped to you. It usually takes 3-7 business days for the book to arrive.

  • Can I purchase the online review and share with my friend?

    It is illegal to share the review or any of our materials with another student.  Students must agree not to share when registering.

  • How can I obtain a course completion certificate?

    Hurst Review students may view and print a course progress/completion certificate. Sign into your Hurst account, then at the bottom of your home page, you will see 'Progress Report' that will show the completion status of each Hurst lecture that is available for print. 

    Q Review completion certificates can be printed at the completion of each Q Review exam by clicking 'Get Certificate,' which is located in the "Previously Taken Attempts" box on the bottom of Q Review page.  An email is sent that contains a link for completion certificate download.

  • If I purchase the online review and later want to register for a live review, how would I register and what is the cost?

    Hurst Now (Online) students have the option to register for a live review. This option is available while your overall account is active. Hurst Now students can register for an upcoming live review from the "My Reviews" tab on your Hurst account.  We discount the live review subscription cost to $150 for active Hurst Now students and $100 for Hurst Now Plus students.. 

  • What if my 90 Day Core Content access expires but I need more time?

    When your 90-day access expires, you may buy a 30-day supplement extension for $59. You must be signed in to your Hurst account. This option is only available within 30 days of your expiration date.

  • What is Hurst Review's pass rate for first time takers that took your Online Review?

    Traditional RN nursing graduates who graduated in December of 2017 and chose the Hurst Review Services live, online or classroom video review package for their preparation had over a 98.96% chance of passing their exam the first time. Traditional PN nursing graduates who graduated in December of 2017 and chose the Hurst Review Services live, online or classroom video review package for their preparation had over a 99.17% chance of passing their exam the first time.

  • What is the difference in the online review and the live review?

    Only your surroundings! The online review mirrors the content and notes taught in the Hurst Live and the N-Stream review.

Hurst Review was absolutely wonderful! I enjoyed the way the content was condensed and simplified in order for me to master the key points needed to pass the NCLEX. The Q reviews were helpful, NCLEX style questions. I'm happy to say that I passed the NCLEX with 75 questions with help from this review. Highly recommend!

J. Carraway, RN

I took this review and passed my NCLEX first try, in 75 questions! Such an excellent review service. I understood concepts that I struggled with all through nursing school! So thankful HURST review. To future NCLEX takers, I really encourage you to get this review package! Couldn't ask for anything better.

S. Elizabeth, RN

Took the live review! Instructor was amazing and the course resources and content beyond it were so helpful. Passed the nclex the first time with 75 questions! Thanks aunty Marlene!

S. Thoms, RN

I recently wrote the NCLEX exam in Canada. I passed on the first try with 128 questions! Thanks to your comprehensive review, I gained the confidence in what I already knew. I wouldn't have passed the exam without Hurst Review :)

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