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  • JMichelle Carpenter - RN

    I just wanted to share my testimony. I had mixed feelings whether to prepare for my NCLEX-RN with U-world or by sticking to HURST. Since HURST was included through my nursing program, and after reading positive reviews on facebook I decided to try HURST. I reviewed the videos twice and wrote my little notes on the booklet included. I never used U-World and did take the practice questions after each section to include reading the rationales through Hurst. Hurst also included 4 practice exams with 125 questions. I honestly feel that these practice questions and the special tips helped me pass my NCLEX. I passed with 75 questions! THANK YOU HURST!!!!
  • Jordan Gast

    I am only writing because i wanted to say thank you for your amazing review program. I passed the NCLEX 3/15/19 on the first try in 75 questions and i could not be happier to have that behind me. My wife used your review about 5 years ago and was so impressed after passing in 75 questions after failing the first try that she paid for this review in addition to the Kaplan review that i paid for in nursing school (part of the schools requirements). Many of the questions i got on the test were covered in depth and emphasized in the review videos. Thank you very much again and i will be sure to recommend your review to others who are prepping for the NCLEX!
  • Lindsay Gonzalez

    I Passed my NCLEX-RN on May 3,2019 with 130 questions! I loved ur review and the 4 simulation exams!!! I can’t thank Aunt Marlene and her team for getting me ready for my exam! I wish my school used this program instead of ATI! Thank u again and continue to get others prepared!!!!
  • Maegan Griffin RN

    Thank you Marlene Hurst for creating this wonderful review for me and my fellow nursing students. The hurst review really does work. There is a reason every person that has taken the Hurst tells everyone that asks what they did to pass the NCLEX was just do the hurst because it works. I am so glad all I did was stick to the Hurst. Thank you!
  • Regina Henderson

    I wanted to Thank you Aunt Marleen soooo much for the guidance on how to study and the way you made the information easy to understand! I went into the test confident but I left not confident! I kept in the back of my mind you saying if you feel like you knew nothing then that’s a good sign as long as you studied hard and did all of the requirements in the correct order and I did so I stated positive and this morning I saw my results and that I passed!

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